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The Need of the Hour for Professionals

The work environment is an ever-evolving ecosystem and professionals are expected to embrace these changes to yield better results. But what truly goes into adapting to these changes is a cumulative shift in working dynamics of the organization, its employees, and their roles. Let me articulate the changes in a manner that will give you a perspective on what the current situation demands.

Reskilling and Upskilling

You will agree if I say at some point in time you may have discovered a misalignment between your role and skills. What does this mismatch indicate? Is it the role that’s a misfit or your skills? Always remember it’s not YOU who is a misfit but your skills which render you so. Roles keep evolving and it’s up to you and your organization to show interest and provide training for the same. You may have to unlearn and relearn skills known as reskilling or build upon your foundational skills known as upskilling. Either way, it arms you with skillsets more in alignment with whatever transition your role and organization may be going through.

A few questions every professional must ask themselves is how qualified am I for the current role? Is there anything left to be desired in terms of skillset? What more do I have to offer to sustain career growth? Are there any other skills I need to learn or develop? The adage ‘Survival of the Fittest’ stands true to the time.


Experience always speaks and no one is born an expert. So, everyone needs guidance right from the time you were a child to whenever you find yourself in the dilemma of feeling directionless or confused or under tremendous stress! Guidance at the workplace becomes extremely valuable for growth!

Mentorship as a role at the workplace has come into the mainstream but was quite underrated until recently. Especially since the complete shift in work dynamics due to the ongoing pandemic, the need for this role has only escalated manifolds. A mentor is one who is an expert in their field of work i.e. technically sound alongside being adept at listening, analytical, interpersonal, and soft skills and also should be committed to helping with a non-biased approach. You must seek out mentors and organizations should provide mentorship programs in order to guide employees on how to realign their skills and better adapt to the changing habitat.

HR Role Change

HR role has always been conceived as one where recruitments and exit interviews, payment processing, employee record maintenance, appraisal and promotion processing, and other employee-related paperwork happen. Digitalization and other changes in the work environment have necessitated a change in their role. Today HR professionals are also expected to undergo a host of training, certifications, and skillset assessments. They are treated as partners who undergo orientation programs to be on the same page with leaders and hence, play an important role in driving the growth of an organization.

And how do they contribute towards the organizational goals? HR engages tools to hire new talent, assess the existing talent pool and prepare reviews on employees who need upskilling or role change, collaborate with leaders to provide mentorship programs, constantly monitor employee productivity and report any discrepancies. So, the HR role has embarked on a transitional journey where they have to assume a role almost at par with organizational leaders making them a part of the larger picture.


Visibility at the workplace is a much talked about topic on the internet as much as at the workplace. Being a familiar topic, I would just share a couple of inputs on the same. Only those who stand apart from the crowd are noticed and so, you do everything in your power to get noticed by everyone. It could be by speaking up during meetings, asking valid questions showcasing your level of understanding, volunteering expertise to help others, involving in high visibility projects especially pilot projects, constantly upskilling, maintaining a regular flow of communication with superiors, and teammates, and personal branding.

Never feel guilty about not knowing all the answers. Shed the fear of rejection and failure to experiment and ask smart questions because only those who ask find answers. What better way to stand tall above the rest!


These are trying times as much for organizations as for its employees. To redefine existing roles and responsibilities of employees means not just skillset reassessments and role change but sometimes also downsizing.

So you need to ask, what’s in it for me? The worst-case scenario would be losing your job. Let’s face it, businesses have to do it to stay afloat; it’s the need of the hour. Some roles may become obsolete in the face of unavoidable changes that demand restructuring. Learn to accept the inevitable and focus on restructuring on a personal level. Restructure your skills, role, personality, and attitude to ensure your retention at any cost. How do you go about it?  Focus on changing dynamics and do everything to fit into the remodeled company goals and objectives. Talk it out with someone who could mentor you to sustain the job and keep your wages coming. As already mentioned, visibility plays a huge role here.


Closing Thoughts

Hope my words would add value to your career. As I conclude, let me briefly touch upon an important subject – your health! The advances in technology may have automated various processes, but has also increasingly affected the physical and mental health of professionals. The more automated the processes, the more desk-bound an employee’s job. It has physical implications on health which are harmful in the long run. The constant evolution in business dynamics also wreaks havoc on an employee’s mental health owing to the constant fear of losing a job, plummeting career graph, constant need to upskill, friction at the workplace, and other factors.

Organizations must hire healthcare professionals to treat but mostly prevent work associated health hazards. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with mental stress can lead to health risks like obesity and related disorders, musculoskeletal problems, laptop usage disorders, vision-related problems, headaches, insomnia, and depression among many others. So the only solution to all the above problems is regular exercise, meditation, and a positive attitude towards life and work. No matter the end result, make sure you give your best, and try minimizing taking stress. Each day has to be broken up into fragments dedicated to work, family, and self to maintain equilibrium.