My Story

Why Am I Doing This?

Well, this is an interesting question. Since I am the Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb and I earn millions of dollars in revenue through the companies that I run and advise, do I really need to do this?

I am often invited to speak at events and seminars where I interact with young entrepreneurs and professionals. Most struggle with financial issues like loans, and credit card debt associated with poor investments, mental issues like anxiety, self-doubt, and stress related to their career and personal relationships, and health issues arising out of poor lifestyle choices.

It pains me to see the young, who are the future of this world, burdened and restrained by such issues which stop them from realizing their full potential. Which is why I decided to share some hyper-targeted and highly-personalized practical advice which can help people solve their problems and become a better version of themselves.

You may have come across several advisors, life coaches and motivational speakers and they have earned a fortune by guiding people. I have already made my fortune, so money does not motivate me but the satisfaction of helping someone drives me. My content and advice will always be free for you, and I will find joy in your success.

Let me help you give direction to your life and help you fulfil your dreams.